Tuesday, November 15, 2011


What a strong week, the bucks were a running. I will start with Savannah up top with a doe she took. Then I have Tad Godfrey, father like son, with an awesome buck. It is worth looking at twice. Great deer it was over 200 pounds and score 138 and some change. That is a true trophy buck. Then I had to put everyone else below because nobody wanted to have there buck picture near Tads. First below we have Shane with a very nice buck. I believe it scored 118. Then we have Mike Baldwin with his two bucks shot on the same day. He is the second member to tag out. Below him we have Andy Mixon with a nice 9 pointer. After that is Todd Hobbs with his 8 pointer. That is all the pictures that I have. Matthew Brown took a 9 pointer earlier in the week and his dad Gene took an 8 pointer. I think he was the first to tag out. The Browns and Godfreys have really whacked them this year. Gene also shot two does. He is going to have to buy some more ammo. Milo Parks and Robbie Williams both took does and Matt Lowe shot two does. Like I said a busy week but a good one. As for me bucks were still cruising good Friday and Saturday then it just shut down. Bucks seem to be bedded up with the does right now but should start moving again by the weekend as they try to finish breeding the does. Big Rack will be having its Thanksgiving cookout the Saturday after Thanksgiving which is Nov. 26. Good food hope everyone can make it. You are welcome to bring a dish. See ya at the woods.

Monday, November 7, 2011


We all knew that it would eventually slow and it did. Bucks are still chasing and pushing does but it heated back up today and last weekend was a little warmer than the previous. Megan Petty did keep the streak alive though. She took her very first buck, a nice 8 pointer, congratulations Megan. Also last Sunday Kevin Donaghy took a doe. So only two deer taken last weekend. I know we have a lot of hunters down all week so I expect we will see some more. I heard a buck was taken at tall pines today. Will let you know when I get more information. This coming weekend and all next week should be really good. You better come on down or up, y'all leave Al Godfrey at home. See ya at the woods.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Another great weekend and the bucks continue to come in. Again we had great weather and the deer seemed to be moving. Up top we have Hunter Mixon with his first buck. An eleven pointer and what a deer. We think it is 2 1/2 and had a ll 1/2" spread and scored 120. Congratulations Hunter. Then we have Milo with a nice 8 pointer, it scored 111. Next we have Al Godfrey, I guess he read last weeks blog and did just that. He drove up from Florida and killed a big one. His buck scored 123, nothing to this deer hunting; right Al. Just below we have Joe Stonica with a doe that he took on Sunday. Then we have Sheri Pasternack with a nice buck that she killed Sunday out of a stand that I sold her. I think I want it back Sheri. I think it had 17 1/2" spread. Last but not least we have Daniel Eubanks with his first ever buck and the day before he took his first deer ever, a doe. Congratulations Daniel. I know that buck is 5 1/2, my son shot at it 4 years ago and I am sure of it. I also saw it bow season of that year and got a good look at it. That buck and couple more this last weekend weighed over 200 pounds. I don't think we had maybe one or two last year. Rusty Boatwright and John Vaughan both took does this weekend. Lauren Cook took a spike, her very first buck. I did not see it nor do I have any pictures. Congratulations Lauren. What a busy weekend, lets do it again. See ya at the woods.